Damaged bulk bin before repair Bulk bin following repair
Damaged bulk bin before plastic repair Bulk bin following plastic repair

For the highest quality plastic repair

Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Plastic repairs need to be durable and done at a convenient time for you the customer. The experienced staff at Mobile Plastic Welding Services Limited have the capacity to produce quality workmanship on a deadline. Have a look at our repairs and you will be impressed. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

Storage and farm tank repairs

If you think those damaged spray tanks, and calf feeders can't be repaired - think again. Mobile Plastic Welding Services can come to you and repair most plastic on the farm - in the middle of a paddock, by the farm gate or shed; where-ever you need us. Don't forget about those expansive water storage tanks - we can repair those too.

Commercial and industrial repairs

For commercial and industrial businesses who need tough plastic repairs that can be relied on, the fast onsite service available from Mobile Plastic Welding Services Limited can keep your business moving. From lightweight and flexible items for basic retail use to industrial-strength products, we we can repair whatever you need, including storage tanks and bulk bins.

Winery repairs

Regular trips to Central Otago and Waipara areas ensures that we meet the needs of winery customers. By combining several jobs during one trip we help reduce costs to our customers. We can work at the winery for your convenience or even in the middle of the vineyard reducing any interruptions to production.